I am one of those people who have really good intentions when it comes to working out. I usually have great plans as to my next exercise regimen and if I actually implement my plan, it usually fizzles in a couple of weeks. Kathy has been my personal trainer now for about 6 months and I am still going!! That fact alone says it all. She really knows her stuff. It is always changing and challenging – we laugh – I cry, but most importantly I have seen results. It would take a lot for me to miss my workout. Thanks Kathy.

My Top 5 Results:
1) I can now lift things heavier than a pencil over my head.
2) My arm no longer keeps waving after my hand has stopped.
3) I can now do 20 minutes of housework and gardening without needing a 2 hour nap.
4) I do have an ass – it is slowly rising up from my ankles.
5) My posture is less like a question mark – approaching an exclamation mark!